Effective chimney relining in the Triad Area

Chimney inspections. Chimney sweeping. Chimney relining and repairs. The Chimney Sweep does it all. We are specialists in our area and have over three decades of experience to offer you.

And don't forget we can provide you with chimney caps and chase covers, along with service to your wood and gas stoves and furnaces.

graphic of a chimney sweeper stepping on a chimney


To keep you, your loved ones and your property safe, it is a great idea to have your chimneys inspected on a regular basis. The frequency is determined by the structure of the chimney, materials used as fuel, and amount of usage. Count on us to inspect your chimney and give you peace of mind. We offer Video Scanning to ensure our Inspection is thorough & complete  
Graphic of a chimney sweeper cleaning a chimney


Eventually chimneys and fireplaces require maintenance services. Over time, soot and other types of build up can cause them to function improperly and may even lead to poor air quality inside your property. We know just what to do to sweep your chimneys and clean your fireplaces.
graphic of a chimney sweeper carrying a ladder


If we find during our inspections or sweeping services that your chimney needs to be relined or repaired, we can take care of that for you too. We have the knowledge and tools to get your chimney back in perfect shape so it's ready for you when you need to put it in use.
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